RE/MAX Living Fit2000 Sundowner 10km Run

PUBLISHED 17 DEC 2008   

For those trying to remain fit this festive season RE/MAX sponsored the Fit2000 Sundowner 10km run. The run started and finished at the V&A Waterfront and was a fun filled community event with an estimated 1200 runners who participated. RE/MAX awarded each runner with a medal and manned the water tables during the race. The race took place on the 17th December 2008. Special thanks to all those involved including: Marc Murray, Helena Santos, Manuela Morini and assistant Juanita, Martin Freedman, Gerlinde Moser, Neville Van Den Berg, Susan Watts, Shelley Maree, Chris Andrews, Hannelore Harms, Gudrun Hille, Malcolm Dryden, Emerald Hudson, Danie Botha and Corinne Rae.