PUBLISHED 16 NOV 2019   


The #ImStaying movement has taken our nation by storm following the flood of negative sentiment that surrounded the ongoing violence around women and children within South Africa. While some choose to try and escape the issues and emigrate, others are choosing to plant their roots even further and embrace the things that make our nation great.    

Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett, welcomes this movement and remains hopeful that the local property market will show signs of improvement as more and more choose to invest within our local economy as a result of this growing trend. 

“We recently met with the founders of this movement to discuss how we could get behind this cause. Anything that encourages positive sentiment and nation building is worth getting behind, which is why RE/MAX fully supports what this group is trying to do. We remain hopeful that as positive sentiment builds around this movement, we will see an upswing in the local housing market as more choose to invest locally rather than to emigrate,” Goslett explains.

He goes on to explain that by creating a more positive perspective on our country’s future, this movement could help bolster our local economy. “Local investment both within the real estate sector as well as within the business sector is likely to increase as more South Africans adopt a positive view on their prospects within our country. Movements like #ImStaying can therefore help to create the positivity that is required to aid transformation within our nation,” Goslett suggests.

He therefore recommends that all South Africans join this group, if they have not already, to start sharing their ideas on what makes our country so great. “These positive posts can go a long way towards creating a South Africa of which we can all be proud,” he concludes.